As scholar-practitioner of human belief and behavior, I take up birthright inheritances that structure worlds received and revealing still. Sometimes, the taking-up requires translation. Sometimes, it gifts transformation. Sometimes, it does not. My work speaks from and serves thresholds where learning and unlearning teach in equal measure. When the metric is not fixed? A room can remember how to hold and honor itself in the palm of its hand.  Exploring wisdom situated in bodies of knowledge both disciplinary and ancestral, my teaching is discernment, is discovery, is difference, is dance.


A calling is sacred. So, too, the work of calling people together. Holding space with / not for invites breath and brokenness into a being and becoming without requiring the kind of belonging that can be its own burden. When I convene,  humility and hope grow as yours and mine listen for ways that ours can become theirs, too. Modeling practices of accompaniment, the invitations I extend also serve my own rest, reflection, relationship, and reckoning.


I share my design work as public-facing scholarship. A seasoned educator and innovative, multi-modal learning designer, I train my eyes and ears across siloed genealogies, single stories, and bounded disciplinary canons. My designs situate learning within complex systems and contexts, often privileging pathways and wisdom traditions not yet authorized as such. My designs shine in their spaciousness of inquiry, their commitment to relationship, and in the stirring of soul. I scaffold and support learning that lingers.


Partnership might be another word for relationship. Both take time, which is a precious resource. To make the most of yours and mine, “we” start at the very beginning—which is both a very good place to start, and a posture from which one thing begets another. There are no shortcuts to mutuality and reciprocity. Each is core to a practice that works across personal and public spheres. I journey with those who value the work and witness and wonder of accompaniment.


Words can convey facts and fictions alike,  pointing to the familiar while opening doors to people, places, and things beyond individual experience or imagination. The words of others can surface truths we are not yet able to see or hear on our own. Some challenge even as they uplift. When we take someone at their word and step for a moment into their shoes, it helps make clearer the boundaries of our own believing and knowing. I write for the expansion of my worlds and for learning that turns page by tender page.