Meredith Doster is a writer and educator situated at the crossroads where rural Americana and the Iron Curtain meet. Meredith’s work explores the stories we inherit – and those we love to tell. Born into a family of singers and storytellers, Meredith looks to poets, makers, artists, and elders for pathways to deep teaching and learning. Writing and convening about disappeared places and competing truth claims, Meredith wonders about our capacity to be – with ourselves and for one another. With a masters degree in Appalachian Studies and a PhD in Religious Studies, Meredith’s work considers the relationship between people and the places they inhabit and call home. As convener, Meredith models and invites a quality of presence that balances stillness with engagement, that listens for the space between the words.

Meredith is Managing Editor of the Sounding Spirit research lab in Emory University’s Center for Digital Scholarship and Deputy Director and Lead Faculty of the William C. Friday Fellowship for Human Relations, a program of Wildacres Leadership Initiative.

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